CESE2(Thailand)CO., LTD

CESE2 (Thailand) Co.Ltd, established in 2016, is located in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. It is subordinate to China Electronics System Engineering No.2 Construction Co.Ltd which is attached to CEC.
We are customer-oriented and treat domestic leading clean system engineering technology as our core competitiveness. We provide professional services for large-scale high-tech factory construction in the fields of semiconductors, flat panel displays, food and pharmaceuticals, life sciences, scientific research institutes, new energy, industrial environmental protection, smart business, etc. Besides, we supply one-stop and all-round systematic engineering solutions for high-tech manufacturing industry.
Since the beginning of the company's establishment, we have been consolidating our engineering business, integrating supply chain resources and gradually have formed a construction engineering marketing service system with Southeast Asian characteristics integrating import & export trade consultation, engineering material supply, and logistics transportation.


Cese2 semiconductor construction history is the epitome of the development history of Chinese semiconductor industry.

It has the advantages of many domestic initiatives, high market share and wide service range.
The company has a high-quality and stable customer base in the semiconductor industry, of which more than 30% are world-renowned enterprises.
Our clients are 13 of the top 25 semiconductor enterprises in the world and 9 of the top 10 semiconductor enterprises in China.
Provide one-stop service:
Provide consulting, design, construction, operation and maintenance and other one-stop services in the whole life cycle of semiconductor projects
Layout of the whole industrial chain of Semiconductor Engineering:
Semiconductor materials, semiconductor manufacturing, chip manufacturing, packaging testing, PCB, power devices, Optoelectronic devices, sensors, LED epitaxial wafer, etc
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Leading enterprise in engineering construction field of FPD industry.

The largest Domestic FPD service provider of Array.
The only service provider that has served all domestic well-known FPD enterprises.
The only professional service provider engaged in design, general contracting, cleaning, M&E, pure&waste water, process pipeline, secondary distribution and other disciplines. Serve panel display (TFT-LCD, AM-OLED, PM-OLED, MICR OLED), display materials, display terminals, etc.
Whole process service:
From preliminary consultation and design to general contracting, M&E purification, commissioning and testing; At the same time, it can provide professional services such as pure&waste water, special gas chemicals and automatic control etc
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As a leading enterprise committed to the construction of domestic pharmaceutical industry for many years, CESE2 has made excellent achievements in the food and pharmaceutical industryl clean room syste,who are serving more than 80% of the top 100 pharmaceutical enterprises in China;
It has undertaken the first batch of pharmaceutical projects that have passed the GMP certification in China. CESE2 provides support for the food and pharmaceutical industry from engineering design, GMP consultation, project management and implementation, system commissioning, system testing to the whole process verification of the system;
From professional contracting, clean room construction M&E general contracting to project EPC general contracting of project construction,we provide all-round modular services.
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As a leading enterprise in the construction of clean room system engineering in China, CESE2 has mastered the international advanced design concept and construction technology, who has unique advantages in medical construction engineering.
Focus on all-round construction projects in the field of medical and health care, covering most parts of the country, and have rich experience in hospital construction.
Integrated service of hospital construction:
Consulting and design capabilities, medical special projects, supply chain management, commissioning, operation and maintenance.
Smart hospital
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In the field of laboratory construction, CESE2 provides customers with overall laboratory solutions with advanced construction technology and high-quality service.
It has successively built many laboratory projects, such as Lanzhou Institute of zoology, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Changzhou genetic resources research and development center, the largest BSL-3 laboratory group in Asia - BSL-3 Biosafety Laboratory of China Center for Disease Control and prevention.
Laboratory system engineering:
It covers biosafety laboratories, physical and chemical laboratories, animal feeding and experiments.
Service areas include:
Universities, scientific research institutes, disease control system, food and drug supervision system, public security criminal investigation system, pharmaceutical and medical system.
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CESE2 is a leading enterprise in domestic high-tech plant construction.

It has its own design institute and technology center to provide early-stage consulting, system solutions, deepening design and other services.
The company has well-known equipment supplier resources in the industry and advanced thermal environment analysis and simulation technology in the industry.
It is a member of the data center branch of China Computer Association.
It has built the first case of landscape garden data center EPC project in China, Chongqing Yunyang Shuzhi forest town project.
Provide one-stop service:
Provide one-stop services for the whole life cycle of data center project, such as consulting, design, equipment procurement, construction, testing, operation and maintenance.
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CESE2 has a wide range of service types in the new energy industry and has rich construction experience.

It provides the whole process and all-round system engineering solutions for the high-tech manufacturing industry. The project has won Luban Award, white magnolia and other heavy awards for many times.
Service content:
Lithium battery (lithium battery, dry / wet film making, anode and cathode materials, lithium battery module workshop), photovoltaic, wind energy, hydrogen energy and other sub industrial engineering construction.
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